Business idea

The P2B Finance platform introduces users from non-professional investor community to each other in order to enable them to borrow funds from one another by way of paid loans. The platform assists users towards funding of their projects while utilizing a responsible approach to project evaluation and technology. The P2B Finance team shares a significant degree of Fintech and banking experience to allow for smooth P2B Finance platform operation and business continuity.

Our Story

The idea to implement P2B Finance project first emerged in 2014. At that time, a few members of P2B Finance team were employed with banks. A few others utilized bank services to raise capital for companies that they worked for. Every one of us spotted imperfections of modern-day banking services and an opportunity to start business. Until 2017, we were exploring different scenarios to implement P2B Finance and conducted consultations with legal advisors. Over the last 4 years, crowdfunding markets have grown significantly, along with mobile internet adoption. Moreover, regulatory authorities in Europe have established guidelines for crowdfunding platform operations.

And this is the beginning!

Our Name

The brand “P2B Finance” is an acronym derived from words „Person“, „To“ and „Business“. The name of our project reflects its essence: provide a platform where users (non-professional investors) can meet other users which develop projects that are in need of financing.

We like our name!

Our team

Igor Lokhmakov

With a 15 year background in banking, Igor is the driving force behind the P2B Finance strategy. He has a lot of contacts around the world and work experience of managing several big projects with multicultural teams in several countries.


Dmitriy Gordienko

Dmitriy is responsible for the engineering and developing P2B Finance’s platform. He is an IT-leader with experience in banking IT-technology, Big data analysis and also some Fin-tech startup.


Olga Kravetska

She was previously a Corporate Sales Director in Vodafone Czech Republic. Having this sales experience and degrees in Economics, she is responsible for Customer support and Service in our team.