What our business is

Our project helps investors to find projects in different countries which have the capacity to generate income higher than banks offer on deposits. P2B Finance allows every client to determine own size of investment and make it, even though it is not very big in amount. Since there are lots of such investors, quite significant sums can be raised for projects seeking financing. All our business processes are rather simple; the work is organized via the internet and the need for physical visits to the company office is minimized. Furthermore, a responsible approach to evaluation of projects and banking experience, prior to this project, allow us to provide high level of protection for investors against potential losses and receive stable investment income.

Our Story

The idea to implement such project emerged in 2013. At that time many members of our team worked in banks, and the rest used bank services to raise capital for companies where they worked. Each of us saw imperfections of banking services and opportunities to start a business. Until 2017 we were looking for different ways of project implementation, we received consultancy services from law firms throughout the world. Over the last 4 years the industry for projects like this has been expanding, internet technologies have evolved significantly. Moreover, regulatory authorities in Europe have adopted approaches to regulations of running such kind of business by now.
So here we started!

Our Name

Brand P2B Finance comes from an acronym and pun from words „Person“, „To“ and „Business“. The name of our project reflects its essence: help a big number of individuals (non-professional investors) to invest small amounts into companies and their projects all over the world.
We like our name!
Our team

Igor Lokhmakov

With a 15 year background in banking, Igor is the driving force behind the P2B Finance strategy. He has a lot of contacts around the world and work experience of managing several big projects with multicultural teams in several countries.


Dmitriy Gordienko

Dmitriy is responsible for the engineering and developing P2B Finance’s platform. He is an IT-leader with experience in banking IT-technology, Big data analysis and also some Fin-tech startup.


Olga Kravetska

She was previously a Corporate Sales Director in Vodafone Czech Republic. Having this sales experience and degrees in Economics, she is responsible for Customer support and Service in our team.